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Most of these things are applicable to any car.

-how to properly engine brake (rev match like normal, or avoid it altogether)
Engine braking isn't compulsory, but it does improve fuel consumption and reduce overall stress on brakes, particularly in a downhill section.

-what is "tip in" and how you do it
If you mean "tip-in" as in "tip-in enrichment," that's not a phrase that should be in the average driver's vocabulary. What do you think you are asking here?

-when to get on the throttle and get into boost
I also don't understand this question. If I take it at face-value, my answer would be "when you want to accelerate."

-proper speed for coasting highway driving (I usually stay between 80-85mph on the highway)
Not trying to be a dick, but my answer to your question is "the speed limit or the flow of traffic"

-optimal engine speed for fuel economy
For your car, 45-55mph in top gear will net the best fuel economy. Between 55 and 70mph the economy will slightly diminish and above 70mph the economy will sharply reduce.

-how to properly do a 3rd gear pull (do you mash the throttle to the floor at 2500rpm, or gradually push the pedal in)
NEVER stab at the throttle, particularly below 3000 rpm. Slowly roll-on.
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