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Future WRX owner (Hopefully) Need suggestions for Infotainment / Audio

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Hello everybody! So I currently am the proud owner of a normal 2017 Impreza 2.0i Sport. Although the ideal car that I would like to own is a WRX Hatchback, and since the current generation does not have a hatchback version, I am currently considering the older generation (2011-2014). However, the thing with that, is I would be loosing the nice infotainment system that the 2017+ models have (Android Auto, etc.)

So my question here, is would I be able to upgrade the infotainment on an older (say 2011) wrx to include things like Android auto for navigation, phone calls, google assistant, etc? Also along with this, how is the Sound systems on these things? If anyone is able to compare, how would a... for example 2011-gen Limited sound system compare to my 2017 (Premium/Sport) Harmon Kardon sound system?

I really want to buy/trade in for a WRX, but I know once I get one, I will be really missing the cool tech in the newer cars.
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Also, Some pictures of the steering wheel are hard to tell, does the 2011-2014 generation have volume control, hands free control for phone calls, or a button to give a command (ideally to google via android auto, as mentioned above)?
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