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I was thinking something from a larger wagon
You may be able to shoehorn something from one of the foresters or something but you’ll likely only see a gallon or two difference.

WRX sedan, wagon, Outback, and Tribeca from that period all have the same 16.9 gallon fuel tank. The newer model WRX have a 15.9.. 2010 and up Outbacks hold 18.5.. the new Ascent has a 19.3 gallon tank. I find it highly unlikely any tank from a different chassis style will fit without some significant modification.

If you really need more fuel capacity, I would install an additional fuel cell in the trunk. Of course you could always carry gas cans in the trunk as well (us old school e85 guys know all about that), but I definitely wouldn't look to that as a long term solution since it's quite a safety hazard if you were to get in a wreck.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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