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Fuel filter replacement 15 WRX helpppppppppp

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Hey guys, newbie here.

I just picked up a 2015 WRX a few weeks ago. 60K miles. No mods done now, or have been done on it. Car was babied from what I can tell.

BUT, my issue is this.
On any sort of incline where I almost stop the car and put it in to 1st gear and start to feather the gas it doesn't seem to be totally responsive. I feather it and I'm getting hardly any power, then I hammer on it and finally get fuel and plug along up the hill. (Every day I do this to get in my driveway, because it is a small steep hill and every day it's an issue) This occasionally happens at a normal stop (no incline). When I give it gas, I get nothing in response for a second and then it catches up and I sound like a newb taking off.

From my research it seems like it could be a fuel filter issue. Found out the filter is basically a permanent attachment in the pump assembly and is a pricey job/part to replace when I think I only need the filter.

I called a subie dealer and he seems to think I shouldn't have an issue with the filter with that low of miles unless someone put something in the tank, or it was dirtied somehow, which I really don't think is the problem.

I've taken the hill assist on and off just to see if I was weirded out by the hill assist, which I am, but with or without it, it's still an issue.
No check engine light. No issues when driving or accelerating (that I can tell anyways). Just starts/inclines.

Any ideas? I've only had the car a month and this problem is making me NUTS.
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I just realized this was moderated. I approved it and am giving it a bump back to the top.
I don't think it's the fuel filter, unless it's a defect from the factory. Mine will do the same thing (since I bought it new) on the turn-in road, which is a very steep 160° turn. I've found if I take it wider, slow down enough to put it in 1st before I start up the hill, and don't turn the wheel too far I can make the climb somewhat smoothly. It took a lot of trial and error and practice.

One thing to remember is that this is a little 2.0 motor. Without the turbo, this car is an absolute snail, low-powered, yet expected to turn four wheels.. So, until the turbo spools up some, especially starting on a steep hill, the 2015+ WRX is...uninspiring.

Hope this helps
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Thank you.

My boyfriend explained the same thing to me over the weekend after I had him drive it a few times. I also started to realize it does it almost solely on hard turns from a stop, so it makes a lot of sense. I'll take my sigh of relief knowing I'm not the only one. Other than that the car is a blast, so I'll take that little quirk over everything else it's got goin for it.

Thanks for the help.
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