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so out of nowhere today on a roadtrip to see my family, i was cruising 65mph on the highway, my car lost power awkwardly. it felt funny suddenly so i pushed the throttle down slightly, and it kind of bogged and wouldnt go above 0psi on the boost guage.
i thought it was funny, put it in neutral and put it back into 5th and it wouldnt accelerate. the only time it will drive is if you lightly go through the gears and ease into it wothout touching boost pressure. Again, when giving any kind of throttle it bogs down, and WILL NOT go above 0psi and decels. starts to slightly backfire if you give it any throttle and just let off. you can hear the turbo want to spool, but it just doesnt. no funny noises of any sort.

i have an 02 wrx with a jdm ej205 from a forester xt. full catless invidia exhaust. open source tune. cobb intake. brand new trans and clutch with under 2k miles. motor has 70k miles. ive replaced MAF sensor. fuel filter. fuel lines. injector seals. all gaskets with exception of internal gaskets. new intake boots and clamps. cx racing front mount. unkown bov.

any help would be strongly appreciated. i went ahead and ordered a fuel pressure regulator. and an iac motor.
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