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(Ft. Gordon, GA) 2014 WRX base sedan, 5 speed, white, 21k miles

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Just recently started considering selling my WRX. It is very clean and for most of its life has only ever had me in it. I have NEVER beat on the car, babied it and kept it stock with the idea that I'm going to want it in excellent condition to either 1. keep for a long time or 2. sell for the most value possible. I broke it in per the factory recommendation, shift at 3,000 RPM give or take and only bring it up into the higher RPM range once or twice a month to clean out any residue/carbon build up. NEVER, EVER, NOT-ONCE launched/burned out/etc. I'm not sure what else I can say about how it has been treated since I purchased it brand new but please don't hesitate to ask away. The extras are as follows:

STI front lip spoiler
tinted windows
wheel locks
cargo nets in trunk
factory all weather mats
homelink tinting rear view mirror
extending arm rest
mud flaps
factory extended warranty
some sort of factory interior treatment/warranty? (going to have to look up the paperwork on that I guess)

History of cons:
had some windows that were slow to roll up (warranty repaired)
brake light went out (warranty repaired)
small hail dents (repaired with insurance claim)
typical paint imperfections at front of vehicle from daily driving (had body shop apply touch up paint to two tiny chips to prevent rust- about size of a needlehead)

I believe that's the extent of pros and cons that I can think of. Again, please ask if you have any questions. Since I in no way need to sell this car you will get nothing but transparency from me. Thank you for looking.

(located near the Ft. Gordon, GA. area)

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Pictures should be incoming within the next 3 days.
Did I not post a price...? Asking $23,500
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