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So here we go, up for sale is my 1996 SVT Cobra. She only has 72,000 miles on her which is pretty good for a 96... I am her 3'rd owner. The first owner was a mid aged woman that rarely drove the cobra and could not parallel park for SH**. The 2'nd owner was my father, whom again he did not drive the cobra very often due to his bad back and the meds to support it. I take great care of her, oil changes every 3k with 5w20 Syn Power AMS oil. I really hate to see her go but I am a 22 year old soldier deployed in Afghanistan. When I get home in Jan im going to start college, I know it's late but better late then never ;)

The Cons (minor)

The cobra is laser red but the paint has faded from the sun but still cleans up nice. There are two minor dents in the rear right side ridgelines of the car. On the right quarter panel some one hit me while I was parked in the middle of no where in a huge movie theatre parking lot. I tapped it out and smoothed it to the best of my ability it's not to noticeable any more. I know it's bad to start with cons but i'm and honest guy and every car has cons.

Now on to the good stuff...

-1 piece aftermarket head lights, gives it a much newer look
-HID's in the headlights as well as the fog lights
-cobra emblem
-20% tint all the way around
-Brand new 18" Black bullitt wheels with a chrome lip
-Brand new 18/35/265 front and 18/35/285 in the rear
-5/16 spacers in the rear
- Smoked tail light, 3'rd brake light and side markers

-Tan leather seats
-The trunk liner was redone in black felt
-OEM cobra floor mats front and back
-Black steering wheel cover
-Home made rear seat delete kit
-I can put the rear seats in if preffered, I just took them out because I don't like giving people rides...and it's a much cleaner look.
-Back seats are mint
-front seats are rather worn i'd say 6/10 but thats expected

-K&N cold air intake
-SCT Livewire tuner, currently running a 93 octane tune and tuned for the supporting mods, it also has all the supporting software to go with it and 2 other 91 octane codes loaded in it.
-MGW cobra billet shift knob
-Short throw shifter
-Brand new magnaflow catback exhaust w/ 4" tips
-FORD racing springs for a 2" drop

Over all the car pulls hard and sounds great offer up!

As for TRADES i'm looking for a 4 cylinder AWD vehicle.

As for a price i'll say 10k obo
plz don't lowball
:-DTO CONTACT ME PLZ EMAIL ME [email protected] :lol1:

Link to pics... detailed whip pictures by vvelche - Photobucket if this does not work email me and I will respond with requested pics.

Thank you for your time
the vv is 2 v's so it's like this v v e l c h e @ y a h o o . c o m..
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