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First time here, ad from craigslist.

If your searching for an excellent winter vehicle you have come to the right place.

I am reasonable and negotiable, car is USED has minor exterior flaws.
I am the fourth owner of this magnificent automobile, and was lucky enough to receive it BONE STOCK.
Inspection good until August 2012, Once again this car has NEVER been modded in any fashion.
The car has a manual 5 speed transmission, 5 door Hatchback, World Rally Blue exterior, black cloth interior, auto windows, locks, heat and A/C.
I have put nearly 20k miles in this past year and this car still runs and drive STRONG.
I had all fluids flushed and replaced along with brakes and rotors at 75k, and currently have gas efficient/ winter tires equip on the stock rims.
I also have a set of Gold rota 18 inch rims which will need tires, and custom blue headed lugs to finish off the rims, they are included in the purchase and the new set runs at $1200 for rims, $150 for lugs.
I am an avid snowboarder, and i required the raw AWD for the winter season. That being said i will include the official Subaru roof rack which can hold up to 4 sets of skis or 3 snowboards if your crafty priced new at $350.
The hatch was also a necessity for me, considering how much room the back of the car has to offer, I have the original spare along with all the tools for replacement.
The only thing i have added to this car are the mud flaps, they are a hard plastic and keep grim/dirt off of my vehicle like no other.
This vehicle gets amazing gas mileage if driven conservatively, meaning shifting before 3k rpms. I have been able to get 375 miles on a full tank of premium gas. 14 gallon tank= 26 mpg
I have never raced anyone in this car, although it holds speed on the highway very well, hence my driving record.
This car is a RARE find for the simple reason that it is still stock and well maintained.
I have changed the oil with synthetic mobil1 every 3k sometimes 2500 miles.

I am looking for an easy cash deal, however im negotiable and i will consider trades+ cash of the following type:
Manual smaller truck preferably foreign based with lower mileage.
Possibly a fuel efficient smaller car as well.
I am also interested in a motorcycle for the spring

If this seems like a long trip to come and look/purchase this one of a kind vehicle in the area, it is more then worth your time and money, i traveled four hours to pick up this car at the end of Long Island.

Call or text 908-251-3558 for more information

Sorry for the bad picture angles in advance.

Thank you, God Bless

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