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ok, i hope its ok to post non car related stuff in here, if it's not, then i'm sorry.

I'm selling a guitar amp i picked up recently. It's an early 90's Marshall JCM900 50watt with reverb. It's an awesome amp, but i use my fender hotrod about 90% of the time. I got the amp back around late october or so, and havent had any problems. I did put all new tubes in it right after I got it. I used JJ E34L power tubes and jj preamps as well. the amp is properly biased and ready to go. I also just got a brand new two button marshall footswitch to go with it.

This is an awesome amp for any of you guys that play out and like the pure tone from a tube amp. I prefer a 50watt over a 100watt because you can crank the tubes a little more and get the real tone from them a little earlier than you can with a 100watt amp.

My asking price is $700 obo. message me on here, or email me @ [email protected]

1 - 2 of 2 Posts