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Many of you guys have probably seen my for sale thread on NASIOC. Just throwing it up here maybe some people didn't see it over there. Not much left pretty much just the small stuff.

autometer pod -$20....its kind of a pain in the arse to ship so come get it

Also up for sale are Sparco 4 point bolt in/snap in camlock harness. I paid $200 a couple months ago. So $150

Stock Fuel Pump(swapped for Walbro 255 for my fp green)- $30

Stock 2006 STi Rear Strut Set(Rears are fairly new, replaced under warranty, removed these to install coilovers)-$200 for the pair.....

2006 Sti coolant overflow tank-$10

Stock Front Bumper Beam with Foam, removed for FMIC-$100

Stock VF39 STi Turbo heatshield-$40

Not Pictured-
-Stock intake(airbox,maf tube)$80
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