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For sale: front and rear seats from a JDM Ver7 (MY01 I think, maybe MY02) WRX. These are the SAME seats as the Ver7 STi seats except for the fabric. From reading old threads I am pretty sure they were actually made by Recaro but I can't confirm that. They are bolstered pretty damn well for a reclineable seat (made for skinny Japanese folk) and they bolt right in. When swapped into an LHD car, the driver seat will not have the height adjustment, so if you are tall you should definitely, definitely test fit these first (and if you autocross, you should test fit with a helmet). You can also swap the bottom of your USDM driver's seat on here; I didn't do that because I wanted to keep both sets together.

I bought these two months ago from Gruppe-S. They are in great shape. There is one small blemish on the driver's seat about 6" from the bottom of the seatback (PM me for pics).

Price: just the fronts $750. I will also give you some 3.3 ohm resistors to shut up the airbag lights (the USDM seats are the only ones that have side airbags). Just the rears $150 and $900 for the set.

GC people: I think they will fit because this guy has em, and was threatening to buy my rears:

GD people: they will definitely fit :) You will want the door cards if you have an 02-03. They should pretty much match the 04's.

"But John, why are you getting rid of these?"
I am going to put the money towards an old Miata for beater / track ho purposes. Damn you Schleppy, Ryan, TYWRAP, etc etc.

These seats are pretty hard to find, and IMHO they look better in a WRX than the STi seats. This is how they should have sold the car in the states to begin with.

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