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Location: Houston, TX USA

I've had these for about 11 years now, and they were on my previous WRX for about 8 months (roughly 4,000 miles). I purchased them from the first owner in Japan as takeoffs. Made-to-order limited edition v.1 MY94 WRX WTi Japan-only release. Subaru Impreza MY94 WRX STi Version

They arrived to me in great condition. A couple nicks here and there from mounting and what not, but no obvious damage or curbage at all. Today, they are still in the same condition they shipped in but have been collecting dust for 4 years in an A/C storage unit. I don't have the WRX anymore

4 wheels
16x6.5 55+, 5x100 - this is the same exact specs as the 04-05 WRX stock wheels.
2-piece and definitely lighter than the 04-05 stock wheels

4 tires still mounted (11yrs old, will take off by request). The rubber is probably hard now and unsuitable for driving.
BFG g-force sport

I'm asking a modest $1000 for the set + shipping. I'll listen to offers but will gladly shoot down any lowballers. They are still tire mounted and dusty in AC storage:


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