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Haha I know this isn't really the forum to post this, but hey its free here and I do own a WRX.

As the title says I have a 1992 Honda Civic VX with 133k on it. Just got it actually and have some big plans for a drag car, but figured I would try selling it as is while I start on the project, so instead I could put the money into the WRX.

It has 133K on it, Bright F'N Orange. Interior is good, seats are rough. It does however have the original VX 13" 10lb wheels that are not in the pictures that I have but will come with it.

The good stuff. I am replacing the fender and hood, dented pretty bad. The engine... haha Ohhhh the engine. The guy that owned it before me mis-shifted and hit first instead of third and dropped every exhaust valve, broke all the retainers. Anyway, the trans is good, I THINK, since it is a Honda, the shortblock is probably good. Just needs a new head.

This is the LIGHTEST Honda Civic ever produced. Weighing in an astonishing 2050lbs full of fuel and all other fluids. No P/S Crank windows, Old school locks. No power Mirrors. No Cruise control. It does have A/C.....

Don't need to sell it but if someone is looking for a drag or auto-x car that is OOOOOBER light this is it.

[email protected] or just PM Me.

$2000.... I know its pricey but hey you search the net and let me know how many VX civics you can find. I found 3... All in California.

By the way my zip is 62401 and will deliver for the cost of gas round trip.

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