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This is a stage 2.5 closed deck short block with manley 99.75 pistons / .210" pins, IAG H-beams / ARP2000 rod bolts. Motor was only driven for 2k miles. Came out of a car running perfectly fine. Cylinder walls are smooth and pistons are cleaned up. This motor has a power output of 700BHP. When this was in the car it was only tuned to 365WHP on e85 and 306WHP on 93 so it was ran very conservatively. It was never boosted over 20psi. It also has the oem oil pickup attached to it which was new with the block as well as ARP2000 head studs. If you have anymore questions just PM me. Also if you want to see the engines blueprints PM, there wasnt enough space to post it with the other pictures. Asking price $3,400


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