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FS EJ257 Parts

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I have a few random parts laying around from a '07 build that is no longer going to happen. Need these gone all are o.b.o buyer pays for Paypal fees and shipping from Louisville Ky.

  • DeatschWerks 1200cc Top Feed Injectors with PNP adapters. I would suggest getting these cleaned and new rings placed on before install. They were in a running '02 making around 410whp w/ supporting mods only 15k old, purchased from someone who moved up to larger injectors. $325 obo.
  • Manley Turbo Tuff I-Rods only 10k old purchased from an engine w/ ringland failure. Looked them over and they are clean, PM for better pics if interested. $400 obo.
  • Nitrided Treated OEM crankshaft about 10k purchased from engine w/ ringland failure. Machine shop looked it over and it's good. $200 obo.
  • Set of D25 heads fresh from machine shop with GSC valves, no valve covers, cams and no sprockets. $400 obo.
I do have a EJ257 case housing and 3 out of 4 Wiseco piston heads if anyone is interested.
If you would like more pictures I can provide them in PM or by text or email if you would like better pics.
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts