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FS: Pre-bent Rollcage Kit for a GD (02-07) Impreza (4 Main Bars)

This is a “kit” in the sense that all the main roll bars are already pre-bent and will fit in a GD Impreza. It was designed, built, and sold by Placar in southern California, and this is the last kit that I know of still around. The most difficult pieces necessary to build a rollcage are already measured, bent, and ready to go. All you need to do is weld them in. This is NOT a bolt in cage. Auxiliary bars are not included and it is recommended that they be installed with these to further reinforce your cage.

Here are the three bars that go inside the cabin, from left to right there is the windshield visor bar, and two ½ lateral bars (that connect the main hoop down to the bottom of the A pillar). All the bars are in great condition, they will just need to be sanded a bit to be painted.

The main hoop:

There was a car at the shop that has this exact kit installed (obviously with more auxiliary bars) so I snapped some shots to illustrate which bars go where.

Windshield bar

Main hoop:

½ lateral bar (x2 identical on the passenger side):

This is not currently FIA / Rally America / NASA legal as it was constructed from 1.5” x .095 DOM metal tubing. It is perfect for the weekend track warrior, rallycrosser, autox enthusiast or someone who just wants to step up the safety of their car.

Local pickups are preferred, but I will ship. I will provide you a shipping quote if you are interested. PM me for more details.

$350 obo
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