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Trying to sell my car here not too hurry to sell it so just looking for the best price

This is my dream car, it was suppose to be a project car but I have realized that I dont have time for it so just hope someone who shares my interests wants a go.

I have owned the car for 4 years. I am the sixth owner (yes i know a lot before me), but I take really good car of my babe. Currently at 119900k miles.
Oil change every 3k. I put around 15k miles on it for the last 4 years I have owned it. Did not go to any tracks or done any hardcore driving.

No Mods on the car except for AEM intake and just installed some DRG coilovers.
Also changed all four tires all season last month and changed spark plugs as well.
HID lights and all wired up for subs.
I messed with the wiring so the alarm (clifford) doesn't work but it should be easy fix.

Exterior: 7.5/10
There are a few dings and scratches here and there but it is not noticeable.
Some paint are coming off from the rear bumper.
There is a slight dent on the side of the driver door.
Interior: 8/10
Theres one or two small holes on the front seats. Back seats look great and clean.
Has a pioneer stereo (1 disc), works great.

Located in Nor Cal SF Bay Area
pm me or email me at [email protected] or text me at (415)6327717
1 - 6 of 6 Posts