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IMG_20120413_113551.jpg IMG_20120413_113437.jpg IMG_20120413_113352.jpg IMG_20120413_113337.jpg Hi All.

So let me give you the run down on my vehicle. I'm selling my '02 WRX Wagon that I bought as a project, got running, and decided that I hate driving a manual on my (long) commute everyday. My finickyness now can be your reward. And by project, I mean I found this WRX with a blown up motor and had to change a lot of things out to get it operational again. Here's everything I've done to it since I purchased it. It's been up-and-running for 1700 mi with no problems. As such, the body has around 107,000 and the motor has about 103,000.

Put in a used '04 WRX engine with 103K (2000 mi ago). This engine has about 45 days left on its warranty. As you may or may not know, the '04 has better oilflow around the crank which is why I chose that one.
New clutch -- Exedy OEM replacement
New lightened Exedy flywheel
New Timing belt and water pump

I also replaced the turbo because the old one was not working.

-Matching blue interior
-Heated seats
-Stock boost gauge
-Light window tint

Mods (these are all that I know about and I did not do them. So I can't provide a lot of detail).
-APEX'i cat-back exhaust. It has a "big can" but it's actually not loud at all. I was really surprised by this.
-Some form of suspension mod. It handles incredibly well and isn't terribly rough. Rougher than stock, though. And dropped maybe about 1"

It's two issues:
-The hood is WAY dented up. I surmise that whoever owned this before had a (very) angry girlfriend. It looks like it's been whacked a few times with a ball-peen. But because of this, it has a shiny, new windshield :)
-Right now it's throwing a CEL for the TGV (tumbler) sensor on the turbo. I forget the EXACT code (T1008 maybe?) but it's undefined by Subaru. I can pull it again if you want.

I'm asking $7500, clean title in hand, and am located right outside Denver. Shoot me an email at [email protected] or PM me if you're interested. I'd consider trades as well of similar vehicles that come in semi-auto. Pics to come when I get home from work...

Thanks for looking!

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needs moar pics!!!!!!!!!!
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