For sale, OEM wheels with center caps for a 2021 WRX. 17x8 +55. Taken off with 17k miles on car. Asking 300$ OBO with local pickup in Houston or nearby area. Can meet halfway if you are based elsewhere in a reasonable distance.

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3 wheels in perfect condition. One has a very small curb rash that was touched up. Honda NH797M is a perfect color match. See bottom edge of rim in picture below. Sold
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Also have a few other parts I need to get rid of:

Brembo rear calipers, x2:
Asking 300$ local pickup or 300+shipping
Purchased as a set of 4 taken off from a GR chassis STi. I swapped in the fronts but don't need the rears. Mechanically the calipers work fine but the paint is rough because previous owner started sanding them to repaint but didn't finish.

Whiteline sway bar brace, KBR15: (Sold)
50$ local pickup or 50+shipping.
Never used. Got it with new sway bar but don't need it. Already have a different brace installed.

OEM rear sway bar, Subaru 20451FG021
50$ local pickup or 50+ shipping
Taken off at 20k miles. No damage or scratches. Comes with OEM bushings that were taken off with <5k miles on them.

Group N pitch stop mount: Subaru D1040FE000 ( Sold )
25$ local pickup or 25+ shipping. Used for less than 500 miles

Group N rear shifter bushing: Subaru B0220FG300
25$ local pickup or 25+shipping. Purchased in error, never used.

Kartboy shifter stop: KB-003LOC (Sold)
Never used, got it with short shifter & don't need it. Free pickup or pay shipping.

Perrin brass shifter bushing: PSP-INR-016 (Sold)
Used for ~2k miles. Taken off because not compatible with Kartboy short shift plate. Free pickup or pay shipping.

Transmission mount: Subaru 41022AC180
Takeoff at <5k miles. free local pickup or pay for shipping. OE cross-member bushings included

Front strut mounts, x2: Subaru 20320FG013
Takeoff at 14k miles. 50$ local pickup or 50+shipping.

Front brakes, set for both front corners: 200$ local pickup or 200+shipping
2 piston sliding calipers, pads & rotors. Takeoff at 20k miles, the rotors & pads are about 30% worn.
Calipers: 26292AG042 & 26292AG052
Factory pads & rotors

Shifter lever: Subaru 32828AA030
Takeoff at 8k miles. 25$ local pickup or 25+ shipping

Console box around shifter: Subaru 92121VA700
Takeoff at 1k miles, 50$ local pickup or 50+shipping.
And yes, I know how stupid it sounds that I started changing parts at 1k miles, 2 weeks after buying it. :p

Wing mirror glass, left & right: Subaru 91039VA130 & 91039VA120
Takeoff at 16k miles, perfect condition. Defroster, no blind spot monitor.
50$ local pickup or 50+shipping for the pair.

2015-2017 fog light bezels: Subaru 57731VA000 & 57731VA010
25$ local pickup or 25+ shipping for pair

Updated list with some sold parts crossed out.