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FS: 2005 Subaru Impreza WRX 4 DR - AWD

Vehicle was bought from a person who imported this car from the United States (original papers included), during the sale he indicated that this was bought as a theft recovery in the US, shipped the car to Canada and all the previous owner had to do was replace missing parts which was the seats and shift knob

It does have a rebuilt title, but has been running strong with no problems, or in need of major fixes,

I have been driving it daily, all seasons, any weather conditions, countless times drivien on Don Valley parking lot and 401 East & West Traffic...ZERO Problems / never had a problem

VIN Number is JF1GD29655G518275
Color: Silver
Transmission: 5 Speed manual
Mileage: 57,XXX KM

2.0 Boxer Motor w/ Stock TD04 Turbocharger stock Subaru Intercooler

Stock except for
turbo inlet (preventive measure, seeing OEM’s piece tend to tear)
catless up-pipe (also preventive measure, OEM piece with cat are known to fail and pieces of catalytic converter over time / various heat cycles can build and mess up the turbo)

Oil Changes - every 4500KM (Summer - Shell Rotella 15w40 & Winter - Shell Rotella 10W30)
used strictly 91 Octane from Shell & Petro Canada

MTF, Diff Fluid, Brake Fluid, Clutch Fluid, Radiator coolant flush done at 40,000KM
Yearly Plug Changes - NGK Copper OEM Subaru heat range

Rustproof yearly from the 2 years that I have owned the car

Shifter Bushing kit installed with OEM Shifter
H6 Larger Rear Disk upgrade 11" (Improves Braking Bias and Safety)

03 WRX Front Seats (came with the vehicle)
Black WRX interior
Stock CD Player

1 way Compustar alarm w/ integrated starter kill

Looking for $12,975 obo / negotiable as is, due to time constraints I do not have the time to safety / emissions the car

quickest and only form of contact for interest in the vehicle is email:

[email protected]

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