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Well Wonderful NJ

Brought my son To Great Adventure - just to drop him off = bring a friend day so I went in too with my pass to get one of he friends in

About 1 hour = come back to the car and find BOTH front bumper side fillers GONE
Now I know they have a bad habit of popping out - but we did a walk around of the car before we went in - since his friends it was the first time in one

SO any HOW - I want the carbon fiber replacements - and since I have a great discount on Ebay because of some other "ebay" issue want to get them there

But for the life of me cant find them -
Can some one tell me the exact description of these for searching?

I did find ones that will fit the 2008-2011 Hatch - but will they fit the coupe too? Are they not the same front bumper?

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