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my friend wanted to test out the car he built so he pulled up behind me on a long stretch and I vacuum locked and started to break torque. at 3k rpm i launched (1st ever with my AP stage 1) and took off. Unfortunately he spun a little but stayed the same distance from me up till 80 where we let off.

Hes got a montecarlo shell, with a small block v8. The only problem was because of not adjusting the throttle, the engine would only use 2 of the 4 barrels even if it was floored. That and hes got an open differential which is garbage unless you just cruise around.

He adjusted the throttle today, so now it opens the butterfly fully when he floors it. Even without the posi rear, if we were to have a legit race he probably would smoke me so horribly id look like i wasnt moving, so props to hand built american muscle.

i dont know how it would turn out if i raced him when my ignition X goes back up (reflashed 1.17 map 1 hr before we decided to test our cars out). what do you guys think? the main advantage i got is the awd, but if he throws in a ford 9 inch rear, thats gonna be gone.
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