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I ordered a FP18G which came without waterlines.

Fine or so I thought. The holes for the water lines were left open, that I didn't like. I didn't find much information to help me with solutions to plugging the holes so I'm creating this post for the people that use the search button.

I went to the hardware store and started to match up bolts to plug up the holes.The best bolt I could find was 14x80 1.50 pitch.

These bolts were about two inches in length and I only needed at most about a third inch in length as far as threads go. So I got nuts to go with the bolts went home threaded the nuts onto the bolt and then cut off the bolt right at the top of the nut. This left me with about a third inch of thread left to screw in to plug the waterlines. . repeat and the waterlines holes are plugged.

Then there's the problem of the two lines left over which originally would have fed the af to the turbo and taken it away. I hacked solutions up for a while to figure out what the best solution would be. Then when going to home depot to get more cutting wheels for the dremmel to cut my bolts I found a coupler made by Schrader-Bridgeport International for air hoses. It's made out of copper.

and looks like this.

Hopefully this information may help someone.
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