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Hey guys
Just upgraded from my 03 WRX wagon to a 2011 hatch and looking to make it my own. Anyways

Car has Cobb lowering springs already and I like the ride but it's still sitting pretty high for me. So looking at Fortune 500 series with swift springs. Site has different spring rates to chose from. Just thought I'd ask what is recommended for best cornering and stability for a hatch. Looking for performance over comfort but at the same time not feel EVERY little dip and bump in the road.

Default is 8k front & rear.
Any advice would be great thanks!

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You should be more cognizant of the type of damping curve over just the spring rate when it comes to coilovers. A properly damped system will feel smoother down a bumpy road than an overdamped or underdamped system. This is a cardinal mistake made by many ambitious (but ultimately misinformed) enthusiasts -- just because a suspension feels stiffer, doesn't mean it will corner better.

Good news is that Fortune Auto does publish the shock dyno results for their coilover lineup. This is something that other less-than-reputable brands (such as BC Racing) do not, and will tell you everyting you need to know about how the system will handle on and off the track.

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