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For Sale - 2003 Blue WRX Wagon - Portland, OR, 180k mi, 3" lift, otherwise stock

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Hard to believe I'm letting go of my beloved blue WRX wagon. We've been through so much together! It has been an incredible vehicle for me for many years and countless adventures, is still strong and reliable, and has so much good life ahead of it...

This is the original 1st generation "bugeye" headlight WRX, built bulletproof, inspired by rally cars. Engine/drivetrain/exhaust are totally stock, and it drives and handles like a sports car when you want it to. It also has very civilized road manners, and I've mostly used it as a commuter/distance road trip car.

It has been serviced regularly at Mountain Tech Subaru Specialists in Oregon City for years, and the shop owner tells me that this engine will normally run for 300k miles.

I added a 3" lift to the suspension 3 years ago to give it better off-road clearance for camping and skiing trips, installed at Primitive Enterprises in Tigard, OR, by renowned pro Subaru rally driver Paul Eklund. (Springs/shocks/spacers - See documentation in photos) This modification has been incredible, and there is nothing the car can't get over or through with confidence, especially snow. It now has the ride height of a modern Subaru Crosstrek. (Note: I have not raced the car as a rally vehicle) I also had them install an aluminum skidplate underneath the engine.

It is currently sporting plain black rims with knobby off-road Cooper tires, which ride the same as normal tires on city streets. Grip is amazing on dirt/mud/snow/ice. The black rims aren't the prettiest, and can be changed out to something more attractive for ~$100/wheel. I still have the stock wheels, which don't look quite right with the vehicle lifted. I'm planning to sell the wheels, but can include them in the car purchase at an extra cost)

-Power windows/doorlocks, cruise control, tinted windows, new CD/MP3/Radio + new speakers installed 2014, roofrack with crossbars, towing package.

-Timing belt replaced at 130,000mi by Mountain Tech Subaru Specialists. Clutch also replaced.


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*price reduced**

Originally $8200. Now $7000.
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