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Hello ClubWRX, nice to see after all this time you're still here.

Sadly, I'm here considering the sale of my 2002 WRX, the very reason I joined the forum to begin with 20 years ago!

Yes, I just said project car. Been going through a lot of stuff since late 2019. A year ago I fired it up to take it for a spin and it threw a CEL and I thought the engine was going to cut out. I immediately pulled the code. Can't recall if it was headers 1 and 3 or 2 and 4, but upon looking into it, it's commonly a coil issue? Was going to eventually have this fixed, but then my local mechanic that I trusted closed shop 6 months ago. So let me be clear, you should not attempt to drive it anywhere without repair!

That said... This 2002 WRX, my WRX has ONLY 48,274 miles on it. Yes, you read that correctly, less than 50,000 (not a typo) miles on it. Single owner only and it's sole driver. Why such low mileage? 99% of that was 2002~2007 at which point I started driving a 2006 WRX STi and my 02 received little to no love. I have kept it all this time because I love how it looks and I'm rather sentimental about it. It's also something of a one of a kind.

- Silencer Hack

    • GFB Hybrid BOV
    • Joe P. MBC @ 16psi
    • Godspeed up pipe
    • Bosal twin dump down pipe
    • Blitz NUR Spec catback (silencer in it, LOUD AS deleted! without it!)
    • ECU tuning by Matt and Paul from ECS (in 2006/2007 when Matt was still there)

    • 17" OZ/Prodrive (P1) rims
    • 22B replica adjustable wing (imo, the best looking wing, ever.)
    • OEM STi roof vane
    • Orciari WRC headlights
    • Mesh foglight covers (I have an old "WRX" stencil if you want to paint them)
    • Jedimaster's (perhaps the most banned user of all time!) MBP STi Hoodscoop
    • Interior trim painted metallic blue

    • HKS Boost Gauge
    • Leather seats (front and rear)
    • Reverse Indiglo Gauges
    • Blue LED swap for the Stereo/HVAC


I am still located in Connecticut, just outside Middletown. Pictures were taken March 14, 2022.

Wheel Car Tire Automotive parking light Vehicle
Wheel Car Tire Vehicle Automotive tail & brake light
Wheel Tire Car Vehicle Automotive lighting
Land vehicle Vehicle Grille Car Motor vehicle
Car Vehicle Motor vehicle Hood Automotive design
Car Vehicle Plant Car seat cover Motor vehicle
Car Vehicle Speedometer Gear shift Motor vehicle
Blue Car Motor vehicle Automotive design Car seat cover
Land vehicle Speedometer Odometer Tachometer Trip computer

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Wow, a blast from the past. Welcome back. I wish you the best with the sale! /threadjack

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The only downside to owning this car is you will be constantly approached by people! lol
I'll still never forget a policeman in Meriden (CT) came up to me once and said "We're confiscating your car for a test drive!" 😂

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Good luck with the sale.

I dont want to sound rude, but in my opinion a good cleaning to give it the showroom quality would have been good prior taking pictures. Especially for a « sale ».

Looks like there is puke on the backseat, without going into further details.

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