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Florida 2008 Nissan 350z, trade for bugeye

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Saint Augustine, Florida
Hey guys, I've got a 2008 350z manual with 80k on it and I'm selling it for 13,000. Its a strong reliable car but i miss having 4 doors and a trunk. Its very very clean, only flaw I can say is that it was built in that era where tape players were gone but aux ports had not become a staple lol so you're stuck with just a CD Player, which is finnicky about reading discs. I have an aftermarket double din jensen head unit that I never put in, and you can have it. It just won't be installed.

I'm looking ideally for a bugeye just to keep costs down, but I could be swayed by a blobeye if its clean and the price is right. I want to say 120,000 miles is the limit but if you're only a bit over I'll still consider it. Rebuilt motors, or swapped motors are fine, as long as I can tell it was done right. I'll even consider rolling shells but you'll need a lot of cash on your end and it will have to be extra clean. Black and blue are winners, white is fine, haha

Heres a link to the craigslist ad for my car where you can find a little more info about it and a lot of pics.
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