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Flickering lights, radio shuts off, battery or harness?

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I am having some electrical problems with a 02 wrx.

The car had a new battery (cheap, walmart brand, 40 dollars) put in 6 months ago and a new alternator (Denso) 4 months ago. Lately it is giving me the following symptoms/problems:

1. Speedometer drops to zero while driving and jumps back up to normal.
2. Radio/CD player shuts off by itself.
3. AT Fluid light, ABS light would come on.
4. (1) to (3) more likely to occur when I am pressing on the brake (maybe because of increased load on the brake lights??)
5. Sometimes the engine doesn't start and power lost while trying to crank (turn car on). However, wiggling on the positive battery terminal would power the car back up and give me another chance to crank.

I experienced this problem (except AT fluid light never came on, only the ABS and battery lights) a while ago but it went away after I bought a new Denso alternator to replace the TYC alternator. Now it seems like problem is coming back.

Any advice/experience as to what this can be? Thanks.
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Sounds like a loose battery terminal, Google "loose battery terminal fix"
Check the battery terminals and ground.

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Check the battery terminals and ground.

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When the ignition is switched to "on" and trying to crank the car, would sometimes lose power. Doing so again the car would gain power back. Doing this loop 3 times and sometimes up to 20 times the car finally starts! LOL so scared the car would lose power in the middle of driving.

Checked the terminals they looked fine. It is screwed in pretty tight. The negative terminal on the battery (that circle thing) looks slightly too small for the harness terminal end so I put a screw in there to tighten it.

Should I change the battery or the terminal bases?
Get a clamp that fits the terminal, check the ground connections.

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I replaced the old battery with a red top Optima; also put in a new OEM positive battery terminal (81608GA110). This was done about a week ago.

No more flickering for over 500 miles and the new battery is no longer loose like the Walmart battery. FTW!
I actually have no clue if it's the battery or the positive terminal.

Gave the old battery to a friend that drives a Miata and he said it worked perfectly fine. Lol
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