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Hello all,

I am ready to purchase my first wrx. I'm looking at 2004-2007 cars. I have 20 years experience building motors, mostly big v8s. This will be my first turbo but second Subaru, first was 97 legacy.

First off a question. Both the 2.0 and 2.5 are solid motors but if you had the choice would you buy 04-05 or 06-07?

Here are my thoughts so far. Please check me on any mistakes.

If I get a 2.0 first thing is to replace up pipe to remove cat before turbo.

Everything else will be the same for 2.0 or 2.5.

1) cobb tuner.
2) down pipe and cat back.
3) intake
4) bigger intercooler
5) bigger turbo and injectors
6) professional dyno tune
There will be a few months between each step as this is my daily driver.

1) At what point should I do up pipe on 2.5?
2) At what point do i need boost controller?
3) what steps am I missing?

I'm not trying to make crazy power levels. I want a fun car to drive with great mid range punch. Coming from the n/a community I would be throwing cams in it and good heads fairly early in the build but it appears these motors don't need them for the kind of build I'm doing (thank you turbo).

Please correct any issues with the order of the steps or anything I'm missing.
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