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Just bought a HyperBlue Sti with 34k on it.
I love the car! It鈥檚 is my first car with a bit of speed and good handling. It has a Cobb intake! Which is exciting but worrying at the same time.
The day after I got it, the rotors started screaming for attention. So it got me thinking if it was beat on.
The dealer said they bought it off auction. So maybe the owner before me tracked it and decided not to repair before they took it from him? Just an assumption.
My question here is, what should I check before driving this car?
Other than the brakes and rotors.
Should I get a health check on the vehicle?
Maybe just bring it to a buddy mechanic and see if he can feel or hear anything unusual?
I never driven one of these beauties so it just sounds like a beast ready to go to me.
Let me know what you guys think. Would really love this car to have a long life. Thanks!!

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I would get a complete checkup. I'm surprised the dealer didn't do anything induction before they sold it. Perhaps all them if they did.

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Yeah, people have told me about buying one used (not the best idea) but I don鈥檛 mind putting money into the car to make it last. I would just like to know where to start.
I鈥檝e got the brakes getting worked on, and I鈥檒l be getting a full check up at a Subaru dealer after that. Wish me luck I guess 馃槄

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Yeah, people have told me about buying one used (not the best idea)
Yes, this is sound advice. In part this is because used STIs typically sell for 80-90% of the value of a new car. The dark side of this assessment is that a LOT of Subaru owners modify their vehicles, many without doing proper research.

That said -- the vehicle you purchased is modified. It's in your best interest to determine exactly what modifications have been done. The vehicle has a Cobb intake -- that in itself is not a bad thing. Cobb's intake is even CARB legal. It does require an ECU reflash to properly function. Does the car have a Cobb Accessport included?
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