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Firemanjim's 2017 Stage II Wrx

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Bought the car new in June,I've been waiting for the Cobb firmware patch ,with stage II parts installed car finally hit rollers at Dirty Racing Products in Green cove Springs ,Florida and personally tuned by Mike Botti of EFi logics.
Parts list includes:
ETS intake
ETS turboback "quiet" exhaust
Grimmspeed EBCS
P&L upper and lower tgv deletes
Egr delete
Cobb AP
Car is totally different,can daily and cruise on highway without any boost but hammer down and zero knock and smooth all the way to redline,sad that you have to spend so much money to get a car to run like it should from the factory,but I'm happy and still get great fuel mileage .Under good is cleaned up a lot,you can see and service about everything now .

super smooth and zero knock

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Roughly a conservative 270/290 ish on a mustang dyno
At the wheels I take it? How about the butt dyno? Is it substantial or not? My stock 17 can't even put me in my seat and I'm either going stage 2 or selling.
It feels like more than 300,does not even feel like the same car at all,"violent" is the word that comes to mind
Mind me asking what you paid? And are you going to pass inspection? If not, what's your plan?
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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