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I am having an issue with my 2016 WRX. After an ECU reset, I started noticing a LOT of Fine Knock Learn (as low as -7.03) on my Cobb AP. No Feedback Knock. 24 hours later, my DAM started to drop and it's now around .6. Fine Knock Learn shows negative values always in low RPM, casual driving, no boost. When under boost, Fine Knock Learn is positive (usually .3 to 1). First of all, I always thought that Fine Knock Learn is based on historical Feedback Knocks. But if I am seeing no Feedback Knock, so where exactly is the Fine Knock coming from? What is triggering it? I'd appreciate it if someone could help me understand this.

I have seen pretty crazy AF Correction 1 / AF Learning 1. AF Correction 1 -1.50/34.38 and AF Learning 1 -10.94/4.69. But usually it's around -8 to -12. The fact that DAM is pulling timing, does it mean the car is running rich and that's why I see negative values in AF? Could all my problems be caused by a boost leak? Any info appreciated. Thank you!

1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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