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Findway Floor Mats

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Sorry, not a mod in the usual sense, but as many are not happy with the factory mats, and not in love with the rubber-look Weathertech route, the Findlay mats are a nice alternative (though sure do not claim to be the first to use them). Thanks to whomever who suggested them originally.

They are incredibly good quality. What I also like is that they cover much more of the floor and have a ridge around its edges, so I don't end up with a ridge of dirt/junk outside the perimeter of the Subaru smallish, (and quickly-wearing) mats. For example, for the drivers corner, it covers the dead pedal, goes up much higher up the base of the firewall, and has a "wear pad"; similarly, it cover much more of the passenger's floor; and, in the back, the three-piece set covers from one side to the other, including nicely over the hump.

Trunk Vehicle Car Floor Auto part

These are very washable, very high quality, and especially for U.S. Customer, the current exchange rate reduces their price nicely. Like their thickness (but it does not interfere with your driving).

F518 Style 3D Car FLoor Liner--Subaru Impreza WRX STI Waterproof All Weather 3D Car Floor Mats | Liners

Want washable/cleanable...
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Great post ! Thanks for sharing sir. Maybe let us know how they look/hold up after the end of the winter ?
Been looking at these for about six months. Found them trying to find the Maxpider 3D Classic (*not* Kagu) mats. I've had those in my previous (2) cars and in my wife's Legacy. Absolutely loved them. Not available for the 15+ WRX...

Question is this, are these Findways carpet-textured or actual looped nylon? It's hard to tell by the photos I've seen, including the ones on their website.

Thanks in advance!
Sorry, even with a magnifying class with internal lighting and a separate LED light, still do not know. Whatever it is, it is tiny. Perhaps this picture will help you determine??? Or maybe call them: 416.858.1486

Their web site says: Made of waterproof materials, good for all weather; easy to clean, even salt.

Blue Purple Violet Water Cobalt blue
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Actually, the closeup helps. It appears to be some type of looped material. I might give them a try.

Depending on your year, you can also go Canadian OEM. I have these in my WRX...they fit 08-2014

I also have a set for sale in the classifieds section if any of you are interested. A bit pricey, but OEM and with a heel guard. :cool:


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I've had the Findway mats for a year now. Sprayed them down after winter with soap and high pressure water and they look almost as good as new.
I've had the Findway mats for a year now. Sprayed them down after winter with soap and high pressure water and they look almost as good as new.
Very cool.
I've had Findway mats in my '17 WRX for 17 months, through two winters and they are holding up great.
They look great and have great coverage.
Initially, I planned to put the nice looking Subaru carpeted mats back in for the summer, but in the PNW the weather is crappy much of the year...and I'm lazy, so in they stayed.
I bought them shortly after my original posts above. Love 'em. I've had people ask me why I don't have any floor mats.

I did see where recently 3D Maxipiders are now available for the WRX. The Findways are comparable to the Maxpider Classic Carpet which run @ $150. I've had those in my last three cars and currently in my wife's Legacy. To be honest, the Findways are better, IMHO. You get front and back for $99. (Or at least that's what I paid.) Better get them soon, before NAFTA gets repealed and they implement an import tax.

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