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So the first time i took this car to the track i had a best of 14.7 @ 92mph w/ 2.0 60'

Take into consideration that i'm at 6200' altitude.

I took her back to the track on the new tune with the mbc and managed a best of 14.4 @ 95mph with the same 60'.

I can't seem to consistently get my 60' below 2.0, i'm running a full 3" catless turboback, mbc, springs, and a custom tune.
With launch control at 5000rpm i managed a best 60' of 1.9 but it was the last run of the night and i'm sure the car was tired and heatsoaked. Because with a 1.9 60' i still ran a 14.5 but only trapped 92mph, so i'm guessing that i was losing some on my back end because of the heatsoak?

Anyway, launching with or without i average a 2.0 60' and know the car has more in it, just gotta figure out how to launch it correctly to get it down to 1.9 or 1.8.

Anybody have any suggestions?
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