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Figuring out the springs to go with the struts...

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I've got the KYB AGX's coming in the mail, with new top hats from KYB as well. I hear good things about RCE blacks and yellows, Epic engineering, and Tanabe GF210 and not much about the Whiteline's.

I like that the GF210's are actually for my year (02) and I've seen numerous posts about good ride quality and I like the price. I think I'd prefer the spring rates from the TGF092 from the 04's as opposed to the rates of the 02 version. I'm guessing rear tops and maybe spacers too if I go with the 04 version.

Epic engineering need top hats and possibly spacers. Looks and sounds like they even the stance but the spring rates aren't stated, supposedly it's close to the Prodrive's. I kind of would prefer progressive springs but a lot of people tend to like these still. Price is a bit high, but I can only find them at one site so I can't compare really and I don't like that they don't give any sort of spring rate.

RCE blacks come highly recommended but they need different top hats and possibly spacers. Not sure which size spacers to go with though. Some say they're real stiff for a spirited driving car but some say not, relative I suppose. I'm not real keen on the drop on these.

I like the height in the front of my car with the SPT blues, but the rear sags real bad. The spring rates are decent but I'm pretty sure I'd like stiffer. The roads around here are kinda rough though so something not too much more.

I read some place that the spring rates between front and rear should be fairly close to one another, but I'd be willing to bet that's another relative concept.... especially since it seems so many folks seem to be so satisfied with RCE Blacks.
I'm really liking the drop on the TGF092 and the rates are a definite improvement over the SPT blues I've already got. The TGF092's are similar in variance between front and rear rates just like the RCE blacks so the performance should be fairly on par with those but yet not over doing it on spring rates for a car that's driven around town.

Anyone else have any opinions, info, or clarifications to add in? I'm basically just rambling info here but I'd like to know if I've got any wrong idea's or parts I may not know that I need.

I cobbled together a little spreadsheet to help keep my info organized a bit more if anyone would care to have a look.
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