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I have a 2006 Wagon WRX with 85k Miles on the clock.

The car is all stock. It has been running a little rough at idle and stutters under acceleration. After a stutter or two the car seems to pick up and pull pretty well.

I have read lots of threads about similar problems and decided to check the MAF. I cleaned it using circuit cleaner but it didn't seem that dirty in the first place and made no difference to the performance.

I have since taken the car to my local garage to get it diagnosed. The garage came up with the codes P0102 and P0113.

They were reluctant to change the sensor as it is quite expensive. I'm wondering if the codes were created by me the other day disconnecting the sensor with the engine running or they were there anyway. The CEL came on for a while after I disconnected it but disappeared not long after.

I'm fairly confident making repairs/checking stuff but not really sure where to start.

Any help appreciated

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