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Service Manual excerpt: Periodic Maintenance
Brake Pad Change
Oil Change Discussions
Bug Eyes Headlight bulbs and fog bulb replacement
2004 Projector Fog Lights bulb change
Spark Plug Change
PCV valve change
Subaru DOHC boxer timing belt replacement pdf
2.5 RS oil change instructions with pictures


Blow Off Valve (BOV) Install
Manual Boost Controller (MBC, Joe P) Install 1
Manual Boost Controller (MBC, Joe P) Install 2
MBC install #3 (2 threads combined into 1)
Grounding Mod
Uppipe, Downpipe, Muffler INSTALL GUIDE
Fuel Injector Install tips
Aquamist install (Water intercooler sprayer)
DIY Intercooler Sprayer
Turbo Timer Install
Samco Intercooler Hose install
ECU reset
EGT sensor tapping instructions
Homemade octane boosters


Short Shifter
RWD conversion
DIY Hardened Transmission Mount

Springs and Struts Install
Strut/spring install with pictures
Brake Pad Install
Upgrade to the 04 Sway Bar mount
Torque Specs/Socket Wrench size for Suspension/Powertrain
Wagon to Sedan Suspension Conversion (Sedan trac on a wagon)

Boost Gauge Install
Big Sky WRX's boost gauge install instructions
Disabling AC with defogger
Valentine One Hardwire
Third brake light cover mod
Dual Front Cupholder
Radar Detector Hardwire 2
Cabin Air Filter (Right-Click/Save As)
Subaru Single Boost gauge Install (Right-Click/Save As)
Removing the film on the gauge cluster to change the lighting color
Subaru keyless entry programming instructions

McCulloch HID kit Install
Side Marker Lens Install
Fog Light with High Beams
Morrette H7 HID install
WRC Headlight Knockoff install
Wagon roof-rail removal
Koji style Blacked out headlights and orange turn signal cover removal
WRXfanatics posting on Koji Style
Orange Turn Signal Cover removal without removing the headlight lens
2002-2003 Fog Install (Right-Click/Save As)
2004 Fog Install (Rick-Click/Save As)
Fog Lamp Brake Ducts
DIY PnP harness for JDM/EDM bugeye headlamps
Subaru paint codes

Subaru Performance Tuning install instructions
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
Not open for further replies.