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Famous Movie Stunt WRX For Sale

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Apologies to Mods for posting this here — probably in the wrong place, but it is a highly built, super exciting WRX. Please move where best. Available at Mecum in Houston, April 5-7. (I have no relationship Mecum.)

This is the 2006 highly modified WRX in the 2017 movie “Baby Driver.” Here is part of the build sheet, and the link to the amazing first six minutes of the movie — while escaping the bank robbery.

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LMAO regarding the fact that the person writing the build thought STI was ST1.
I think a car stated "street legal in Texas" should not be on any public road in the developed world -- even on roads actually in Texas.

EDIT: The Jeremy Fry mentioned cannot be the Jeremy Fry, right? He died about 10 years ago after a total soap opera lifestyle.
"highly built" Is he talking about the monster truck look it has to it ? This thing is a piece of ****
Never driven hard or raced
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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