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I need advice. I have decided on a 2018 wrx premium in gray, 6 speed manual with the recaros. I am considering a factory order.

1) is the STI exhaust from the factory a good idea? The dealer will charge invoice - so the price will be $880. I want a better exhaust note. But nothing over the top. Is it worth the $880? It is attractive because it comes from the factory and has a warranty
2) is the short throw shifter a good idea? The invoice price is ~350. Does anyone have experience with the short throw shifter from the factory. Is it worth the $350?

Thanks for the help and chime in with any other items you think are a most hAve if I order from the factory.

Thank you
Short throw shifters are kind of personal. I wasn't a particular fan. However there are some that are adjustable that may be a better option.

You can find way better sounding exhausts than the SPT.
1 - 1 of 16 Posts