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I am rebuilting my turbo on my 2016 wrx.
2015+ gt2259 (stock)

Pretty much everything around the turbo had corrosion or simply “not fit” for the brand new look of the turbo.

More precisely, I wasnt thinking reusing the old oem turbo heat shield, so I ordered a Turbo blanket. I was under the impression that a blanket would actually replace the actual metal shields… turn out its not. They are squeezing back the stock shields over the blanket, which is also the worst of the job because its litteraly “squeezed” over the blanket hard to align bolts.

So with that said, I wonder how bad it would be to only use the new blanket without the stock shields?

I can’t imagine that using the blanket alone would equal in worst performance than just the stock setup.

Looking at it, My biggest concerns in that area was the pulley/belt at the bottom of the engine but this one has it’s own seperate heat shield.


Pictures are for references;

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