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Getting rid of my turbo back exhaust as I slowly prepare to upgrade to an STi. It was installed earlier this year. In pretty nice condition. There is a little scrape on the mid pipe section, but other than that it is good(all the parts you can actually see are nice and pretty). Full stainless. It's still on my car. You are welcome to use my garage and tools to install this on your car(I will help too). The cell fix is included, I figured I would just swap my probe with yours to make is quick and easy. I also have red kartboy hangers that would be included in the deal as well as my modified downpipe heat shield so you don't have to cut yours(I would need yours in return). I do have the silencer and removal tool. I would consider selling my Helix up-pipe as well but I am not about to remove it from my car. If you want to do the labor and swap me with your up-pipe we could work a deal.

Here is a movie clip without the silencer.

I also still have a plug and play Stage 1 Vishnu unichip and EMI adapter that would go very well with this setup.

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