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I was wondering, with all the moaning and complaining regarding SOA and their oft times desire to not cover items on the WRX for warranty repairs, if anyone has purchased an extended warranty?

I know there are many available to those living outside of California. Unfortunately, in CA, you MUST purchase it from a dealer. No can do on purchasing them online etc.

Here we have the SOA extended warranty which runs over 2 grand and I would assume you would encounter the same issues as trying to get stuff covered under the basic warranty. (the extended one goes out to 7 years and 100,000 miles, basically extending the 3-36 to that long.

But many dealers do offer an alternative. It can be considerably cheaper. I went to a dealer in Walnut Creek today and was quoted 1354 for a 7 year 100K mile warranty through Fireman's Fund. WIth this one, you can get repairs anywhere from what I can tell.

Anyone have an extended warranty on their Rex? In Cali"
How much did you pay?
Any comments about it?
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