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Ok really looking for some advice here that I haven?t heard or know to check myself yet. Because literally this car has gotten to the point where I have almost made the end conclusion being that she has a mind of her own LOL. So help me out here guys!
I have a 1997 WRX STI Type R Version 3 coupe. Since iv owned her iv had engine fully rebuilt, all fuel upgrades, link ECU and tune, front mounted, stainless exhaust etc etc, any more questions ask. Also around the same time as the first time this issue with her came up, I got a GPS set up installed. I?m unsure what u could say the coupe does as a pre warning it?s going to happen type thing is but it?s happened about 4 random times over 7 months. I originally thought signs of over fueling/ running rich was a apart of it, aswell as running 14 psi one min and on the next boost changing back to its normal 18-22psi- which is where it?s tuned at. Also it seems each time i go to turn it off to quickly after driving, the problem will happen. Not a 100% on any though. So problem is she winds over won?t start, no spark, and no it?s not the battery. Up until now, all the other times this has happened she would randomly start again, normally after being stuck on the side of the road at the worst possible time an hour later when we r at the point of giving up and try a random key turn and boom she starts... not this time.
She has never push started when this problem has happened, no engine check light, no funny noises, knocks or smells. So yea I need some help and suggestions thrown at me here guys, if u know the solution even better.
So this time she hasn?t started and it?s been 24 hours since... having boost withdrawals here lol! But instead of me randomly trying to c if she starts by using the key I had a brain spark and we tried to call and command the gps in car sim to start it...this has always worked perfectly fine in the past etc.. so she goes to wind over and then she turns back off, no fire and no got a text from the gps saying ?fail in engine start?....
From what I have tested already on the car and from what I know... tell me if I?m wrong it could be, something with the fuel (but signs make me doubt it), maf sensor, ignition, relay or fuse, gps, pod filter , spark plugs, ECU plugs? Hmmm right this is where u guys come in!!
Cheers Terra x
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