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Exhaust Systems?

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Just bought a 2011 WRX Hatchback (first car) and im loving it. I wish it was a bit louder. Due to me being in college and making this purchase. Im hoping someone can show me some exhaust systems that are worth money. Yes I know the invidia's are really nice but im very broke haha. Looking for something in the 400 to 600 dollar range. Thanks!
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I would highly recommend saving and getting a nice exhaust. I just put a Corsa on my 2011 hatch. Although it isn't straight pipe loud when you step on it, it has a fine very audible tone. On a cold start it is loud enough to wake the dead. The drone is literally zero. Even with a jacked up vehicle at the moment on a easy acceleration and maintaining speed the volume doesn't rattle around in your head, it is stone quiet in the cabin.

At your price point you are looking for muffler deletes, my humble opinion is they are obnoxious and have no tone besides loud.

Good luck and enjoy the car. I would also recommend perhaps using that money to have some basic health checks done to the vehicle, and ensure any aftermarket bolt ons are properly accounted for with a tune. It doesn't take much to throw the system off and make a bang.
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thank you, will check it out!
Invidia is on the "cheap" end of exhausts. If they are too pricey for you, then hold off.

Honestly, being in college, don't spend money modifying the car. Enjoy the college lifestyle, don't get yourself into a "car broke" situation. You'll have plenty of time after binge drinking on weekdays and waking up in a different room of the freshman girls dorm. Once college is over, real life kicks in, and you can't have all the fun you can right now; enjoy it while you got it :thumbup:
If anything, the nameless muffled axle backs are 'ok', like XJman I have a Corsa as well and though pricey it was worth the penny. You get what you pay for

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Like everyone else said, if you can't afford quality, don't waste your time and money. If money is tight, you bought the wrong car to mod, or maintain, for that matter.

Oil changes every 3750 miles and premium gas aren't cheap.

Good luck with your ride!
Basically what irickchad said. Just this month alone I'm 1200 into an exhaust that's part splurge and part solution to exhaust leaks, and after my intake and boost leaks are solved that's another 1600.

Small things can add up quick on any car, these tend to have odd failures that can be costly to diagnose and fix

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If you are going to put a fart cannon on your car at least buy a genuine quality one.

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Cobb if you want quality and a more mature sound.
cwo1984 said:
I'd go GMS before eBay
GMS is the same eBay part with a different logo on it.
I have magnaflow on my 2013...sounds aggressive with catless dp.

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The filing on magnaflow is a little wonky, but it sounds nice.

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