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Hey guys during my second autocross event I started hearing an exhaust leak. However this one's a bit tricky. It seems that it only comes out when the car is pushed hard and goes away on a cold start.

I went under the car this morning and felt air escaping from the tial external waste gate along with the obvious exhaust noise.

Any hints that could guide me when I pull the tial external wastegate out tomorrow? Again, here are the symptoms that I have found.

Problem: leak from wastegate (felt air comming out of dump tube)

- Comes in when car is warm or pushed hard.
- Goes away during a cold start
- Leak occurs during idle (after warm)
- I'm still hitting boost but I won't be able to log boost until tommorow.

mods would probably be helpfull...

*Grimmspeed tial 38mm v-band wastegate kit
*Invidia tbe

Any leads would be helpfull. Thank you in advance if I don't get a chance to thank you guys

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Sounds like the gate either needs a rebuild or the vacuum lines are hooked up wrong if it's leaking at idle. Unfortunately with an EWG,saying that the "problem" gets louder with the car pushed doesn't help considering thats when the gate would be opening.
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