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I was wondering what to do with a CEL I have at the moment due to my 02 sensor not being in.

When I did the engine swap etc, the downpipe didn't come with the 02 sensor so they just tapped the hole. But because of this I have a CEL which I would like to get rid of.

I just ordered a 02 sensor for a JDM STI from a guy on the forum. And the only problem is that it only came with haf of the wiring. I got the sensor plus the first half of the wiring leading up to the engine bay. I just need the second half which leads to the harness. Called the dealer and they want $65 for it.

Im also planning on getting an catless downpipe etc from Janspeed to replace the stock JDM downpipe.

My question is, does the perrin CEL fix need the original 02 sensor to work? Or will it work without it and just plug into the harness? Should I go ahead and get the wire from the dealer, hook it up, and then when I get the new downpipe also grab a CEL fix from Perrin?

My understanding is that the Perrin CEL fix plugs into the 02 sensor, and then into the harness. Which would mean I would need to have everything plugged in anyway.
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