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I will allow someone more knowledgeable to answer on most of these issues. Supplying a datalog will help tremendously with us assisting you as to what the issue may be.

But I will add this, the knock sensor on these cars is famous for picking up false knock (loose heat shield rattling, a/c compressor kicking on and off, etc). But I had a similar issue with my Torqued Performance map on my last wrx. ***Now before I speak any further, I am not bashing Eric or TP in any way as many people are tuned by him and have had satisfying results.***

But, when I had my TP tune on my 11 wrx I was experiencing very similar issues with the feedback knock. It was literally all over the place. I ran the map for about a year and never had any real issues with the car other than the feedback knock issue. Eric at the time also wrote this off as false knock (which it may have very well been). But about a year after using his maps with a few different changes from Eric, I added some new parts and took the car to IAG for a protune. After the protune the feedback issues were gone.
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