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Mitsu in general is pretty shoddy when it comes to approving warranty work/parts. However I was pleasantly surprised to find the exact opposite of what I expected when I made my trip to Texas back in June.

After the trip down there my car was due for a complete fluid change @528x miles. Motor, Trans, Xfer, rear diff.. For those that are not familiar with my car It has a full 3" catless exhaust, upgraded intercooler piping/bov, intake w/ piping, mini battery, reflashed ECU, MBC.. Plenty of stuff to void a powertrain warranty. I was extremely hesitant to take it to a dealer as it was certain that the tech would void my warranty. But the EVO's transfer case is highly dependant upon a specific weight oil. Many transfer cases deaths have been linked to use of this non spec fluid. This is why I was dependant upon a Mitsu dealer for service.

Here was my approach: I go to the service department and go directly to the service manager. Introduce myself, tell him I'd like to speak to the tech who's most familiar with the EVO. He brings out a guy.. I ask him his experience. He states he was a DSM guy back in the days those cars 'graced' the lots of Mitsu/Eagle dealers. He'd been working for Mitsu for the last 15 years. Sounded like a good guy to me, so I explain my situation to him and go into detail about what was done to my car. He didn't seem to mind, but again, I just met this guy.. I ask if there was a problem watching.. He said not at all.

...Guy did a awesome job. Very meticulous. Drive off, go home, everything's great except when I shift to 5th at anything over 70mph..Grind. :(

Take it back to the service manager and have the tech come over. Explain the situation and they BOTH immediately said "there is a TSB out on it, and we'll order the parts.. They should be here before the end of the week".

Guy totally rebuilt my trans off a TSB for a 5th gear synchro that has been revised. When he had it apart he told me he reshimed everything to his own personal spec. Noticeably improved shifting.

I think EVERY dealer needs a tech like .. I'll call him Mr L. A guy who understands that not everyone abuses their car because they've upgraded it. This guy 'got' it. And I'm thankful. :)

....uhh this isn't the EVO board?.. Opps. sorry!

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