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The current rules link in the New Member Hangout forum is broken, so I have taken the liberty of plagiarizing/paraphrasing Trainrex's rules from OT. Please read these and be respectful of your fellow Club members.

1) No porn.

Posts including pornographic or nude pictures or descriptions of sexual or depraved acts are not allowed. This includes any picture that shows anything that would be considered public indecency if it was seen on the street. Posting porn is grounds for automatic banning.

Anything posted on this forum must be rated "PG13." People check ClubWRX at work. ClubWRX does not want to be responsible for anyone losing their job.

2) No religion, race, or politics.

Any thread started about these topics will be closed. Any posts that bring politics or religion to a thread that doesn't involve them will be deleted with no warning. Warnings will be handed out for repeated offenses.

3) No hijacking.

If you feel you must post something, and don't want to start a thread, we have a Hijack thread just for that purpose.

Any posts that hijack the topic of an existing thread will be split or deleted depending on the merit of the new topic. Again, there will be no warning.

4) No personal attacks

Whether you're insulting a moderator or another member of the board, personal attacks will not be tolerated. You will receive one warning. The second violation results in a timeout. Third violation results in banning.

5) No illegal activities

No discussion about any illegal or unlawful activities will be tolerated. Your post will be deleted without warning. This includes anything from stealing candies from a convenience store to hacking into the government website. Remember, anything you post over the Internet is available for public viewing and may be used against you.

6) No linking to copyrighted material

When you link to copyrighted pictures on the web, the website can see where traffic is coming from. ClubWRX gets in trouble. This applies to all material, whether pics of attractive women, landscapes or car modifications. Do not link copyrighted material. If you don't know, don't link.

Moderators of this forum will delete any threads or posts that do not follow these rules without warning or notification. Moderators' decisions are based on their judgement and their's alone. If you don't like it...


This is by no means a complete set of rules. You all have brains. Please make a concerted effort to use them.

We try our best as moderators to maintain a healthy, work-safe, online community where members can browse without looking over their shoulders or hitting alt-tab every time someone walks by. Under no circumstance should anyone feel uncomfortable viewing threads here. Just inject a small amount of common sense into your posts and everything here will run much smoother.
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