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OK, I did some work for them, and then decided to finally do work on my car a few months ago. The first time around, a jacka$$ named _ _ _ _ _ tells me to come bring my car in the morning. I have my Girfriend drop it off, she's super cool, and she waits over 2 hours for me to show up. I get there, and then they tell me that they can't work on my car. WTF????My girl's really pissed, and I wasted my free day hoping to get work done.

Anyway, so I keep reading these really good things about Easystreet, and decide to give them another try. The difference now is that _ _ _ _ _ is fired, and I know the owner Ali personally, as he had Stereo work done at my shop. GREAT. Car was taken in on short notice, prices were very fair, and service/workmanship is top notch. Even now, these guys are super knowledgeable, and very friendly.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts